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Smokin' Hot Service...that's who we are! We are here to leave a positive mark in everything that we do. We do not follow the same cookie cutter approach to moving freight. Each company has unique needs and expectations. By working to know what those are, we will blow you away with our freight solutions. MLP was started in 2004 with the vision of avoiding the "me too" approach to the Freight Business.  We truly set ourselves apart as only using the best Freight Partners and Carriers.  We Partnered with Globaltranz in 2014 because we saw they had the best technology in the business and we wanted to make that great technology available to our customers.

Supply chain management professional with demonstrated results in international and domestic logistics. Experience in consulting, systems development, project management, negotiations, and relationship management. Demonstrated ability to balance new tasks and current responsibilities. Strong business development professional with current studies focused in Logistics and Supply Chain from LDS Business College.

Joshua Phillips,

Senior Logistics Manager


Who is My Logistics Partner?

I am from Elk Grove, California and have lived in Utah for the last 7 years. I had a 6 year hiatus from higher learning as a result of service trips, career development, and networking. Life has a funny way of placing you in situations to succeed and grow. 
After working in Logistics for the past 2 years, my 5 year plan includes opening my own location of my current office in Nashville, TN or Sacramento, CA. I am close to selling my first product for my Application Business, Hot Zone Rescue, and look to explore further options to grow that business or move on to another venture.

Provide best shipping rates for TL and LTL shipments. Also provide amazing job opportunities for sales associate in the area. We are a logistics company that does it all. Anything from small packages to international freight. We specialize in LTL and Full Truckload. We partner with over 130 Carriers nationwide and will find you the best possible rates and provide the greatest service in the industry.

I have spent the last 20 years training and growing companies to their full potential. My experience in various industries helps me to have a good long range view of many situations. My Goal as owner of My Logistics Partner is to provide a means for others to support themselves and their families with a great income as well as to support a working environment that encourages enthusiasm and personal growth, by providing excellent pricing and service to our Customers.

David Wayt, President/Owner


Ryan Howard,

Senior Logistics Manager



Steven Tesch, General Manager