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Modal Capabilities

Whether your project is a one-time or full-scale shipping campaign, you can trust GlobalTranz to keep costs low, while providing you with unmatched project management and customer service

  • Heavy haul transportation
  • Route & site surveys
  • Permit planning & submittal
  • Equipment selection
  • Cargo insurance
  • Engineered transportation plans
  • Onsite project managers
  • GPS/impact recorders to monitor shipment in real time

Industries Served

The GlobalTranz Projects division specializes in projects that require the movement of oversize and heavyweight shipments via rail, heavy-haul and marine ocean/barge carriage. Industries we support include, but are not limited to; power-generation, oil & gas, mining, infrastructure and government.

Oil & Gas

Turbine Rotors

The MLP/GlobalTranz project logistics team specializes in the complex movement of oversize and heavyweight shipments. With more than 150 years of combined transportation experience in the global heavy haul arena, our staff is well-equipped to meet your transportation needs. We develop turnkey solutions for every client to safely and efficiently transport project cargo of any size to anywhere in the world.


Steam Generators


Plant Construction

Wind Energy 

Turnkey Solutions

Commuter Rail Cargo